• May 18, 2021

We are looking to work with freelancers with strong story ideas.

Our interest is in HOW people, groups, and solutions-minded initiatives solve problems meaningfully and transform people's lives anywhere in Nigeria. In simple terms, we are looking for "provable solutions" to either a social, economic, or humanitarian problem.

The impact of the response to a problem does not have to be large-scale; neither must the person or group responding to the problem be a big household name. We are interested in just anybody or any group working to make the lives of others happier, easier, healthier, and enjoyable. In fact, we prefer local, home-grown solutions.

We pay our freelance contributors a modest fee. Our prefered story lenght is between 800 and 1,000 words.

Your pitch should not exceed 300 words, and it should include a proposed headline, summary of the idea, how you intend to tell the story, who your sources would be, a line about you and why you are the right person to tell the story, and at least two links to your published work.

Send all pitches to info@progressclock.com and copy editor.progressclock@gmail.com.