• June 15, 2021

Over the decades, mainstream media - local and foreign - have presented our problems as either hopeless or near hopeless. From over-stressing how corrupt Nigeria and its systems are to reminding us how we are the center of extreme poverty to how the word "insecurity" is synonymous with "Nigeria", Nigerians are daily bombarded with negative news that has in turn inflicted psychological and emotional burns on us. Those burns take the form of eroding confidence in our systems, government, institutions, heritage, and anything Nigerian.

While we admit that Nigeria is currently far from being that ideal country we dream of, we at Progress Clock think it is not all gloom and doom. We believe media content as currently being delivered by traditional media about Nigeria is grossly imbalanced, and that we need a balanced approach that does not only tell us what the problems are but also show us the provable and impactful efforts - small and big - that are being made to solve the problems.

We, therefore, exist to fill this gap.

In one sentence, we are a solutions-focused online media documenting how people and groups are responding and solving humanitarian, economic, and social problems in Nigeria.

Every week, we publish at least three well-researched, data-backed, and authoritatively-written features and analyses showing how specific problems in Nigeria are being solved.

We aim to inspire hope and encourage citizens to start thinking about solutions and to get involved in development endeavours.

With every story, we try to answer these questions: Who is doing what to solve what problem? How? What is the Impact? And how may we replicate working solutions?

We direct the minds of policymakers and development stakeholders towards what can be done to solve problems and foster development.

Finally, we want to be the destination where policymakers, researchers, development advocates/actors, aid groups, humanitarian, and philanthropists, and anyone interested in solutions can find answers on Nigeria's development path.

With your support and encouragement, we believe we can change the narrative from negative to positive.